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    Make it sloppy

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    GapeGirl’s new INSANE big toy stretching her pussy out!

  5. gapegirl:

    GapeGirl deep fisted in a car! She fucks the gear shifter too.  Full video available on her site soon.

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    "Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything."

    - Wyatt Earp

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    One time Sir wanted me to be his puppy. I bought a pink chewy dog toy and then rubbed it against my cunt until I came.

    …and you licked your toy clean like a good doggie!

    I melt when I look at your puppy pics… Mrs Shiny is scratching your ears on my screen and squeeling, “puuuuuppyyyyy!!!! why are you not here?!” Sigh. I need to call animal control to have you captured and brought to NYC.

    I did! It felt strangely amazing with the little textured bones rubbing against me. I’m glad you both liked them! That’s all that really matters!

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    Do you wanna play?

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