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    I’m taken naked to a public toilet. By the urinals He places a low chair and instructs me to sit on it. I notice that the height of the chair positions my mouth right at the average mans cock.

    Above me He places a sign on the wall. The headline of the sign says “Cleaning”, under which a series of pictographs shows how to first urinate in the urinals and then put the cock in a mouth, which would be my mouth. He tells me to clean cock until He returns. Then He leaves.

    I sit there waiting. It seems like a very long time. Then a guy enters. He stops for a minute looking at me. Clearly he didn’t expect to see this. He pees and leaves. Two minutes later another guy enters. This guy just walks up to the urinal while looking at me. While peeing he glances at the sign above me, and is about to put away his cock when apparently he realizes what the sign actually says. So, he decides to walk over to me and put his cock in my mouth.

    I clean his cock with my tongue. It’s not like I’ve never tasted pee before, but not quite like this though. Of course he gets hard and stay in and begin fucking my mouth. While he is doing this I hear at least two other guys come in. Right before the guy in my mouth cums I notice the two guys I’ve heard out of the corner of my eye. They are waiting their turn.

    During the next four hours I sit there cleaning cocks one by one non-stop, making them cum in my mouth. Then a guy puts his cock in my mouth that apparently misread the sign. He pees in my mouth before letting me clean it. A couple of guys further down the queue notice this and decide not to pee in the urinal. This makes others make the same decision.

    Three hours later He comes to pick up. I don’t know how many cocks I’ve cleaned, but during the last three hours thirty something guys has peed in my mouth before letting me clean them. He looks around and seems quite pleased. He tells me that it looks like I’ve done a good job, and that He’s considering a repeat of this success. I hate being peed in my mouth so I have hoped he wouldn’t say this. But I love him and I know He loves me, so if He decides to have me do this again then I will.

    - multiple17

    Good stuff :-)