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    Indeed you do My sultry slut~!

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    Fucking so sexy

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    This is what can happen when you edge constantly.  The pictures are in order from most recent to oldest.

    This is the *VERY* sticky and wet hole of #littlesubgirlm, who has been edging constantly, every 30 minutes in fact, for the past few weeks. As a result she’s now leaving a puddle in the bed at night, her cum runs down her thighs every day and she’s turned into a constantly horny, needy, sticky little whore who dreams about getting gangraped by Daddy and his friends every night. These are the results that you’re seeking when it comes to edging. Your holes should run cum constantly, simply so that they are always well prepared for whatever cock slides inside you.

    I know that edging is hard, especially for the first few weeks. It takes a lot of time, effort and restraint to manage to edge constantly and not cum. The urge to have an orgasm can be fiendishly strong. Trust Daddy though, it will be worth it. The results will be remarkable, both physically and mentally. After a few weeks you’ll get past the point of needing to cum and instead discover that your urge becomes a need to edge - to play with that hole till it drips and you’re always ready to fuck. You’ll want to cum, but know without a doubt that there is no reason for you to cum unless it pleases someone else. What you see here is the result of no cumming for over a month… and she’s not done yet. It’s unlikely that this Baby Bitch will be allowed to cum for a good few months yet.

    Just imagine how sticky that hole will be by then ;)

    All women should be like this.

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    Wow, those meaty, long, pierced permanently stretched labia are so hot! You can achieve that by dangling weights from your pierced lips.

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    Happy Fisting Friday! xoxo GapeGirl.  p.s. my new site launches really soon!

    Wow! I love how your big floppy pussy lips just collapse into the void you create when you pull out that green monster dildo.

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